hopped up coffee

Hopped Up Coffee - Pumpkin Ale Coffee

Hopped Up Coffee - Pumpkin Ale Coffee

12 oz - Kraft Bag ($12.00)  

Specialty coffee blended to mimic different styles of beer. This Pumpkin Ale coffee will bring you the flavors of fall into your morning. With freshly roasted coffee, malted barley, hops and a hint of pumpkin pie spice to bring the flavors of fall.

Brew 2 Tbsp per 8 oz Cup in a French Press. For Drip Coffee, brew half pot.

Hopped Up Coffee does not come in a whole bean. It is ground to best suit a french press. We do not offer it in full bean as numerous of the items in it can not be ground at home without specialized equipment.

This listing is for a 12 oz Kraft Bag of Hopped Up Coffee - Pumpkin Ale

Contains Coffee, Malted Barley, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Allspice, Cloves and Hops.