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NOCO Beer Jelly, 5.5 oz

NOCO Beer Jelly, 5.5 oz

Gilded Goat Nokhu IPA ($8.00)  

Jessup Farm Barrel House Cherry Sour ($8.00)  

Summit Cider Campfire Cider Jelly ($8.00)  

Old Colorado Brewing's Honey Hefeweizen ($8.00)  

Delicious served with a variety of meats and cheeses or used as a glaze for roasting pork or chicken, our beer jelly is made in Colorado using craft beer. The flavor of each is true to the style of beer used.

Can't decide? For a really special treat, our Beer Lover's Gift box contains a fifth flavor, Odell's 90 Schilling. The jellies in the box are special limited edition mini sized, 1.5 ounce, and come packaged with a bag each of Hop Salt and NoCo Beer Salt. $25 in a white cardboard box, $34 in our beautiful, hand made pine boxes. A terrific gift for any beer lover!