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Peppercorn, Pink

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1 oz - Bag ($5.90)  

0.9 oz - Grinder ($7.75)  

1.1 oz - Jar ($5.84)  

2 oz - Bag ($7.50)  

4 oz - Bag ($16.00)  

1 lb ($42.48)  

Pink Peppercorns have a delicate pepper flavor and impart a light rose color to food. Unlike the black, white, and green, the pink really aren't peppercorns at all, but are the fruit of a tree related to the cashew family. Use Pink Peppercorns in your favorite vinaigrette or salad dressing recipe. Roll pork tenderloin or filet mignon in coarsely ground Pink Peppercorns before roasting or grilling. Add to sweets like ice cream or shortbread for a delicious surprise.