Extracts and flavorings are best known for their use in baking and are also widely used in beverages and ice cream making. Extracts are made by obtaining the essential oils of blossoms, fruits, nuts, and roots of plants. Flavorings, on the other hand, are obtained through oils, chemicals, and dyes to get a close resemblance to an extract when they are deemed too costly or difficult to make.

Almond Extract
Almond Flavoring
Anise Extract
Anise Oil
Black Walnut Flavoring
Blackberry Flavoring
Bourbon Flavoring
Brandy Flavoring
Butter Pecan Flavoring
Caramel Flavoring
Chocolate Flavoring
Cinnamon Extract
Cinnamon Oil
Coconut Flavoring
Coffee Flavoring
Cranberry Flavoring
Creamy Butter Flavoring
Eggnog Flavoring
Ginger Extract
Grape Flavoring
Hazelnut Flavoring
Hickory Liquid Smoke
Juicy Peach Flavoring
Lavender Extract
Lemon Extract
Madagascar Vanilla Extract
Maple Flavoring
Mexican Vanilla Extract
Natural Cherry Extract
Orange Extract
Orange Flower Water
Peanut Butter Flavoring
Pear Flavoring
Pecan Flavoring
Peppermint Oil
Pistachio Flavoring
Pomegranate Flavoring
Ripe Banana Flavoring
Root Beer Flavoring
Sherry Flavoring
Spearmint Extract
Strawberry Flavoring
Tahitian Vanilla
Tequila Extraxt
Vanilla Bean Paste
White Vanilla Flavoring
Wintergreen Extract