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The spice trade is one of the oldest in the world, first recorded in 50,000 BC. It has come a long way since its origins in the Middle East. One of the most common questions asked about spices is "How long do spices stay fresh?" Nearly all spices are good for 6 months in their powdered, or ground, state. Our spices are fresher than those found in the grocery store or from most places online. We do our best to purchase quality spices in their whole form and grind them in the store so you get the most out of your spices! There are numerous spices out there, and it can be intimidating to know what to do with them. That is why we sell everything in the quantity you need. You can buy 1 oz, when wanting to experiment, or 1 lb when using frequently.

If you don't see an item that is ground, but would like it ground, please check the box saying "*Grind this item". We would be happy to grind it fresh for you at our local spice store!

Some popular spices are our Mexican herbs & spices, whole chia seeds, and our ground kaffir lime leaves.

Ajwain Seed
Allspice, Mexican, Ground
Allspice, Mexican, Whole
Alum Powder
Amchur Powder
Angelica Root
Anise Seed, Ground
Anise Seed, Whole
Anise Star, Whole
Annatto Seed
Annatto Seed, Powder
Balsamic Powder
Barberry Root Bark
Basil, Egyptian
Basil, Sweet
Bay Leaf, Ground
Bay Leaf, Organic
Bay Leaf, Whole
Bee Pollen Granules
Beet Root Powder
Birch Leaf
Black Garlic Powder
Black Walnut Leaf
Burdock Root
Calamus Root
Caraway Seed, Ground
Caraway Seed, Whole
Cardamom, Green, Whole
Cardamom, Ground
Cassia Cinnamon, Korintje, 3"
Cassia Cinnamon, Korintje, Chips
Cassia Cinnamon, Korintje, Ground
Cassia, Korintje, Chips
Celery Seed, Ground
Celery Seed, Whole
Chia Seed, Whole
Chicory Root
Cilantro, Domestic
Cinchona Bark
Cinnamon, Saigon, Cut
Cinnamon, Saigon, Ground
Cloves, Ground
Cloves, Whole
Coriander Seed, Ground
Coriander Seed, India
Coriander Seed, Whole
Cream of Tartar
Cumin Seed, Whole
Cumin, Ground
Curry Leaf
Dandelion Leaf
Dandelion Root
Dill Pollen
Dill Seed, Organic
Dill Seed, Whole
Dill Weed, Domestic
Elder Flower
Epazote, Crushed
Fennel Pollen
Fennel Seed, Ground
Fennel Seed, Whole
Fenugreek Leaves
Fenugreek Seed, Ground
Fenugreek Seed, Whole
Flax Seed, Organic
Flax Seed, Whole
Fringe Tree Bark
Galangal, Cut
Garlic, Chopped
Garlic, Granules
Gentian Root
Ginger Root
Ginger Root, Crystallized
Ginger Root, Ground
Grapefruit Peel
Ground Kaffir Lime Leaves
Hibiscus Flowers
Holy Basil
Horseradish Powder
Jasmine Flower
Juniper Berry
Kaffir Lime Leaves, Whol
Lavender Flower
Lemon Juice Powder
Lemon Peel
Lemon Thyme
Lemon Verbena Leaf
Lemongrass Powder
Licorice Root Powder
Licorice Root, Whole
Lime Peel, Granulated
Mace, Ground
Marjoram, Organic
Milk Thistle Seed
Mustard Seed, Black
Mustard Seed, Brown
Mustard Seed, Brown, Grnd
Mustard Seed, Brown, Organic
Mustard Seed, Yellow
Mustard Seed, Yellow, Gnd
Mustard Seed, Yellow, Ground
Mustard Seed, Yellow, Whl
Nigella Seed
Nutmeg, Ground
Nutmeg, Whole
Onion Powder
Onion, Chopped
Onion, Powder
Orange Peel
Oregano, Greek
Oregano, Mexican
Parsley, Flake
Peppermint Leaf
Poppy Seed, Whole
Quassia Root
Red Cardamom (Cao Guo)
Roasted Garlic Flakes
Roasted Garlic Powder
Rose Buds & Petals, Red
Rose Hips
Rosemary, Ground
Rosemary, Whole
Rubbed Sage
Saffron, Spanish
Sarsaparilla Root
Sassafras Root Bark
Sassafras Root Ground
Schizandra Berry
Sesame Seed, Black
Sesame Seed, Hulled
Sloe Berry
Spearmint Leaf
St John's Wort Powder
Tamarind Powder
Thyme Leaf
Thyme Powder
Tomato Powder
Turmeric Root
Vanilla Bean, Madagascar
Vinegar Powder, Distilled
Wasabi Powder
Wild Cherry Bark
Wintergreen Leaf
Yarrow Leaf and Flower