hopped up coffee

Cocoa & Coffee

Looking for gourmet coffee online or in our store in Fort Collins?

Our cocoa is single origin cocoa from Ecuador and processed through one vendor to ensure the highest quality standards are being met! When added to milk, sugar, and a dash of vanilla and simmered on the stove these cocoas make the perfect warm beverage to keep out the chill.

Hopped Up Coffee is a single origin coffee blended with various hops and malted barley to add the texture and sweetness of various different beer styles. With numerous to choose from you are sure to find something you or a beer lover you know will enjoy!

Some of our favorites include our black ipa coffee, chai spiced hot cocoa, and our royal mahogany.

Black Cocoa
Hopped Up Coffee - Black IPA
Hopped Up Coffee - Chocolate Stout
Hopped Up Coffee - Lemon Wit
Hopped Up Coffee - Scottish Ale
Hopped Up Coffee - Winter Warmer
Hot Cocoa - Chai Spiced
Hot Cocoa - Mexican
Hot Cocoa - Red Velvet
Hot Cocoa - Salted Caramel
Hot Cocoa - Traditional
Roasted Cocoa Nibs
Royal Mahogany